post #7

Here are the notes from the video “Educating the Digital Generation”:

  • In addition to teaching children about these digital resources you have to teach them competence and ethics. They have to be equipped in being technology advanced and they need to know the ethics behind it. Ex- copyrights.
  • should be a standard issue. need to be able to be technologically advanced for personal and professional development.
  • Kids:
  1. Have great access to computers
  2. Have cell phones
  3. multi task better than adults.

– knowing this, teachers need to take advantage. Find out ways to use computers and cellphones. Teachers need to embrace the fact that their students live in a world full of distractions. So, teachers need to teach self discipline. That way kids learn to avoid these distractions when it is important.

  • Tools: podcasts, online scavenger hunts
  • teachers have to teach kids HOW to use these resources, to be INTERESTEd in it, and to use them CORRECTLY and ETHICALLY.

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