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November 19, 2009

Here are the notes from the video “Educating the Digital Generation”:

  • In addition to teaching children about these digital resources you have to teach them competence and ethics. They have to be equipped in being technology advanced and they need to know the ethics behind it. Ex- copyrights.
  • should be a standard issue. need to be able to be technologically advanced for personal and professional development.
  • Kids:
  1. Have great access to computers
  2. Have cell phones
  3. multi task better than adults.

– knowing this, teachers need to take advantage. Find out ways to use computers and cellphones. Teachers need to embrace the fact that their students live in a world full of distractions. So, teachers need to teach self discipline. That way kids learn to avoid these distractions when it is important.

  • Tools: podcasts, online scavenger hunts
  • teachers have to teach kids HOW to use these resources, to be INTERESTEd in it, and to use them CORRECTLY and ETHICALLY.

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November 19, 2009

I have noticed that most of my professors are still not very strong in modeling digital age working an learning. Yes, most of them have power point presentations to go along with their lectures and sometimes they may use youtube or itunes for even more enhancement. But, rarely do they venture  outside the norm. In general all of my professors are stuck in their old ways of teaching. None of them have embraced using our cell phones as resources, and some of my professors wont even let me bring my lap top to class for fear that I will only distract myself on facebook. This does not coincide with Professor Leftwhich’s video: “Educating the Digital Generation”. This video talks about modeling digital age learning in the classroom and I will blog about it in my 7th and final blog.

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November 17, 2009

Today I only had my sociology class and my professor, once again used a power point for his lecture. I’m beginning to see a trend. While power points are effective, it gets a little bit redundant. I can see now why having knowledge about  technology is so important to professional development.

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November 17, 2009

Today I witnessed more professors using technology in their classrooms.

  • Dance: the teacher used a cd player to play music to dance to. This is effective because it helps keep the beat.
  • History: My teacher used a power point presentation for the lecture and the “Confessions of Nat Turner” video. The powerpoint is enhancement because it keeps the lecture stimulating. The video was also enhancement because we are reading the novel in class, but the video help makes visualizing the story easier.
  • w200- the professor used a power point to conduct the presentation and a you tube video or the “online” music video. The powerpoint was efficient, effective, and enhancement. The youtube was mostly just enhancement. It was humorous and a great way to start the class. here is a link to the video.

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November 15, 2009

As it is Sunday, and I do not have any notes on what My professors used in class today. I thought this would be the day I practiced uploading pictures. So, here you go.

this one is from the internet:

this is one from my personal desktop that I had to scan into my computer for a my “about me” page on my website. So I will be practicing uploading pictures from my desktop:




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November 15, 2009

Yesterday during my classes I took notes on how my teachers used technology in the classroom and what “e” ‘ s that accomplished. This is what I observed:

  • Sociology- my professor uses a computer to take attendance. Uses a very large projector screen that is hooked up to a computer monitor to display a power point presentation. E’s: efficiency (attendance goes quick) and enhancement (the visual aid [ power point] helps the lecture be more stimulating and clear.
  • Interpersonal communication- my professor uses a projector screen hooked up to a monitor to display a power point presentation. He also incorporates youtube videos to help bring out his points in lecture. E’s: enhancement (learning was entertaining) and effectiveness (the youtube videos really helped reiterate the point he was making).

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November 4, 2009

Hi! This is my first blog entry on my professional development quest to learn how to use blogs. I’m not so much worried about the content of what I write about on this blog, Im more concerned with figuring out how to use this blogging website. Throughout the next week of blogging I will practice how to upload pictures, use graphs, bullets, and any other toys and whistles that this page has to offer. Mostly I will just be playing around (and most of my other blogs  will probably have the same thing written on them). I also plan on killing two bones with one stone- for the rest of the week I will be journaling how my Professors at IU use technology in the class room so that I can see how to incorporate more technology in my class in the future (another goal on my professional development plan)– you will see more of this to come!